The Color of My Dreams

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Plea For Love

I plea for you
needing you
keeping you close to my heart
in my dreams
hoping you will come back for me
to set me free

You offered me a taste of heaven
teased me with temptation
showered me with adoration
wore your heart on your sleeve
made me believe
we were meant to be

Now I wait in silence
praying to find my solace
in your arms
when you return for me
with all your charms
to fulfill the dream

Only your love can make real
my desire to feel
alive and free
loved eternally


  1. Hi Cora.

    I really liked this poem. It's a little sad and hopeful at the same time.

    I hope this doesn't bother you. Is that your son in the picture on the left? He looks a couple years younger than me but he is cute.

  2. Hi Cora! I hope you are doing well. Sending you warm healing prayers....