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Friday, August 26, 2011

Home Schooling Year # 4

Here we go again, well, we got started August 1st. :) I like getting a head start. That way if anything comes up later in the year, and we need time off, then I won't feel so bad about it, or have to make up the time later on. My oldest daughter spent the summer teaching herself American Sign Language from a book, and now she's all into her world geography, loving it. My youngest seems to be having an easier time with her math now than she was at the end of the last school year (May). She was experiencing "burn out" for sure, and the 2 month break did her some good. She's a little more eager to get to work now. So, it's back to the books, tests, grading papers, endless trips to the library, and whatever else we can find with educational value. Oh yeah, the oldest started high school - YIKES!!!

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